Adieu, teaching…

2019-2020 will be my last year teaching in the English department at UBC: after twenty years of teaching, I’ll be going back to school, which is nice, as I’ve always considered myself something of an eternal student.

Sadly, the same identity-politicking and circle-jerking that have alienated the humanities from reality—and are effectively strangling them—are now also sucking most the good and all of the fun out of teaching in the humanities. This is a real pity.

I’ll really miss teaching–my students in particular–but the humanities are truly broken, and filled with so many blinkered people who think that doubling down on the very strategies that have being ruining the humanities is the way to “fix” them.

Students, too, recognize this, which is why certain subjects, such as English and “cultural studies,” are now struggling—and will continue to struggle—to attract students.

Luckily, for me and you, there’s still so much cool stuff out there to learn—but it is outside of the humanities. I’ll be blogging about all of this soon.

I suppose this also means I’ll be needing a new tag-line for the site.

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